Friday, January 8, 2010

Mirabilis episodes every Friday

All this snow, eh? T. S. Eliot wrote of "the dark time of the year/between melting and freezing/when you can't get to the shops without bruising your bum." And apparently it's what the scientists meant all along when they said "global warming" so we can't even get our money back.

Anyway, looking out over white rooftops reminds me of a year ago, when the DFC appeared to be sailing unstoppably through the pack-ice of British indifference to comics. It was a special time for me, Leo, Martin and Nikos because we'd already been working on Mirabilis for what felt like an ice age, and finally we had episodes actually appearing every week. Kids in a sweetshop, we were. Or maybe I mean sweatshop. Both, probably.

Like Camelot, Dollhouse and the sex life of a butterfly, of course it was too good to last. Icebergs were waiting. Storm clouds gathered. The DFC went down and all hands were reported missing - though we do now know that a few plucky lifeboats got away, and we're praying for them to reach safe harbour by the spring.

Meanwhile, rime-locked on the wreckage, Leo and I have decided to indulge in a bit of mallemaroking (because, let's face it, how often can you use the word?) by re-running the Mirabilis episodes from the DFC in flipbook form. There'll be a new episode every Friday, just for nostalgia's sake, and at the end of the run there will be three non-DFC episodes including one that's never been seen before. That will carry us through to the end of February and, a few days after that, the first of the DFC Library will appear like the shoots of an awakening year. Hope yours is a warm one.


  1. excellent news.

    i looked up mallemaroking, and got
    *(archaic, nautical) carousing on icebound Greenland whaling ships*
    ...i can't quite decide whether or not that's what you meant, but it kind of fits with the rest of your metaphor, so i'm guessing it is.

  2. Yeah, you can see why the word doesn't get used much. Imagine how annoying it would be to get stuck in ice around the Faroe Islands or something, coz then you'd *almost* be able to say you were mallemaroking but not quite. Gotta be Greenland. Not that we're going to have any Arctic ice left in a few years :(

  3. Absolutely marvelous news to start the year with!

  4. It's the first blog I check out on a Friday morning - fabulous creation, the characters are really becoming like family.

  5. I loved Mirabilis. And I want the rest of the story! All power to your creative elbows, gents.

  6. Thanks everyone. We all rock! Hope everyone has a brilliantly creative and fun time in 2010.


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