Thursday, April 22, 2010

Green issues

It's Earth Day according to Google, so here's a leafy pic from Mirabilis - courtesy of the inimitable Leo and Nikos. (And now, at Lorenzo's request, with word balloons!)


  1. I find the collaborative workings of Leo and Nikos just fascinating and this panel sums it up perfectl. Leo's essentially linear and consumate storytelling with Nikos's beautifully atmospheric rendering, you can sense the heat from the fire and see how quickly it tails off as you feel the chill blue from the staircase and the passageway off to the right.

    It would be great to see a stage by stage breakdown of one of these panels to see how it's all achieved.

    But only if it's not too much trouble Dave.

  2. Pter, you read my mind. I wrote a post about that last night, and have scheduled it to go up on the Mirabilis blog on Monday.

  3. Many thanks Dave - I will be waiting oh Mighty One with bated breath.

  4. Yes, another beeeutiful panel! But, I want to read it with your words Dave! Lovely work from team Mirabilis as ever!

  5. Haha! AMAZING! Two speech bubble and you manage to get "pretty-wittys" and "off her Chump" in! Hehehe! GENIUS!

  6. Yes well worth the balloons, I like them both. The previous version allows the viewer to conjecture but with the dialogue and the addition of the expository bottom panel you are immediately drawn into the action.

    So version 1). Great because you can really immerse yourself in the atmosphere - really feel the chill from the stairs and castle beyond.

    2). Great because, because the dialogue makes you immediately aware of the tension in the scene.

  7. You guys are too kind. We're thinking of starting up a bubblegum business (green bubblegum, of course) and some of these scenes could be giveaway cards.


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