Friday, April 23, 2010


Hey folks! A little Friday sketch fun here, my take on a few of Marvel's finest, and Wonder Woman, 'cos she's a cutie!




  1. Love it Lorenzo - really beautifully wacky drawing - not to mention lettering - is there anything you can't do?

    I think I've got them all ID'd except first left.

  2. Well that's clearly Magneto!

    Gorgeous sketch, Lorenzo - and such a lovely style and design to it - even your quckest sketches always have such a beautiful design sense. DAMN YOU. ;)

  3. Poor old Spidey, always at the back of the queue! A brilliant little scene.

  4. Hey Peter! Thanks, pal! Time we saw some new stuff from you in here, bud!

    Cheers Neil, yeah, you got 'im! Thank you so much fro the very kind words, glad these guys made you smile!

    Haha! You too Sarah!

    Hey Dave, yeah, his Spider sense didn't help him much there, I guess! Thanks for the kind words!


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