Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey folks! Well, my One Man Army exhibition has just come to an end, and the guys at the gallery have just let me know that it was a full sell out show, with every piece being snapped up!That's very awesome. Apparently this is the first sell out show the Weapon of Choice gallery has had, so I'm super-chuffed to hold that title! The exhibition was also given the honor of being #2 in the top ten arts and music events on it's launching weekend in Venue magazine.

Here then, is another step-by-step of one of the works that was in the exhibition, entitled "Gentlemen, I have some Important News". It's about A2 in size, and was drawn using black and white Molotow markers.

Oh, and you can also read an interview with me about the show in the excellent WOC magazine HERE.



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