Sunday, April 25, 2010

UNICOMICS writeup!

Remember Ben and Alex Bastow, our fans from DFC days? Well, they're back! It was great to catch up with someone who knows the DFC as well, or very possibly better, than I do! If you haven't yet signed Ben's poster, he is going to hunt you down! :D
Full festival and convention report here over on my blog.


  1. Grrrreat review, Sarah, and great photos! I remember that young lad! Well done on what looks like an awesome show!

  2. Great report, Sarah. I loved Simon's comic strip - shows what 8-year-old kids are actually interested in, as opposed to adults' sanitized ideas of what they want/ought to read!

  3. Thanks, guys! Yeah, Simon was amazing. And I almost got a bit happy-teary after Ben left, it was such a boost to talk with a genuine fan.


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