Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cloud 109 - Working Up A Page Part 1

Just to let you know that we've opened the kitchen door to let you see, smell and taste all the rare herbs and spices, not to mention the meat of the creative process involved in getting the story of three real teenagers and their ongoing dalliance with the cybernetic Babylon that is "Cloud 109" heading towards completion.

Over half way there now.

Earlier episodes can be viewed here and here.


  1. These pages just get better and better looking, the super-clean digital treatment is very appealing in this presentation, you guys are doing beeeeutiful work on this, buddy! I'm really looking forward to reading more, keep up the superb work!!

  2. Wow!!!

    Many thanks Lorenzo - it's a real honor to get such praise and we're looking forward to keeping you all updated on this project as we proceed towards completion of Book 1.

  3. Cloud 109 pages always look clean, gorgeous and appealing. I can't wait to pick it up in book form ^_^

  4. I'm lucky enough to have read the whole of the Cloud 109 book one script and I've got to say that it's just increased my eagerness to see the finished pages. Fantastic work, Peter & David.

  5. Really interesting post, Peter - thanks!

  6. Many thanks guys - I know we've said this before but it really holds true. The support we're had from other creatives such as yourselves has been so encouraging and has just made us even more determined to see this project through to completion.


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