Friday, May 7, 2010

Huge new online comic adventure

We're launching an epic new online comic, read about it HERE!


  1. I've got to admit I am really captivated by this image, it's almost like you guys are turning yourself into a micro comics factory - serious amounts of energy and enthusiasm being generated here.

    Makes me very hopeful for the future of U.K. comics which go a little bit beyond the norm.

  2. I'm with Peter - such tantalizing images! But come on, do you really expect us to believe there are only TWO Etherington brothers?! There's got to be six or seven of you at least. :-)

  3. This is very exciting!! Weddings, artbooks, galleries and webcomics! Boy, you guys are BUSY! ^_^

  4. Thank you Peter! We like to keep doing new stuff as much as possible! Glad the teaser has made you smile!

    Thanks Dave! Haha! Well, actually there is a third brother, but he's more a reader than a creator!

    Cheers Emma! Yes, yes, it's all going on! Always exciting to be working on new stuffs like this!

  5. More magic from Etherington House! Excellent news.

  6. Thank you Garen! Hopefully it'll be an enjoyable ride!


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