Monday, June 21, 2010

MeZolith traverse la Manche!

I don't have the final cover with all the bells and whistles, but here's the artwork for the French edition of MeZolith, published by Soleil and published this month!


  1. No bells or whistles required - that's completely marvellous.

  2. Smashing news, Adam. Except now I need to buy the French edition as well to get that fabulous cover!

  3. Btw the Soleil cover avec les cloches et les sifflets is right here :)

  4. Wicked pal, the French are gonna drink that book up, you're gonna be HUGE out there!! Congrats buddy!


  5. Yet more expenditure but I've got to have this one on the shelves along with my much treasured DFC edition.

    Just such an incredible piece of work by both Ben and Adam!

  6. Thanks all! They have done a beautiful job, with some lovely end papers and a matte finish on the cover which really suits it.


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