Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music hall magic

Here's a look at one of Martin McKenna's spectacular widescreen paintings for the Mirabilis Gazetteer. This was the way we originally planned to tell the Mirabilis story in the days before a comic strip was ever discussed, as a kind of multi-stranded global weave of stories with artwork by Martin and Leo. In short, a Dinotopia-style art book. We even had a firm publication date of September 2009 before the DFC came along and distracted us - and, while working on the graphic novels is a lot of fun, in retrospect we might have been better off starting with the Gazetteer. (20/20 hindsight, what a superpower!) Anyway, we've been dusting it off and there really is rather a lot of juicy artwork just crying out to be seen, so we've decided to get the Gazetteer back on track for publication next year. Watch out for more sneak peeks.


  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I'm already very excited to see this published. Just fantastic!


  2. Thanks, Lorenzo! Between Martin, Leo and Nikos it should be a gorgeous beastie and no mistake.

  3. Absolutely stunning painting! There's an amazing 3D quality to this particular painting by Martin. Just wonderful and a fantastic hint at the truly enchanting (as well as unnerving) world of Mirabilis.

    More please!!!

  4. yep, looks amazing -- the book sounds like a terrific idea!

  5. Thanks for your kind words, gentlemen. Much appreciated!


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