Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival

The Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival is happening this Saturday 23 October 2010! The festival's creator and organiser, Alex Milway, says:

"The festival is a little different to the norm, as it takes place over one day, and is run more like a music festival. All events are free, and we actively encourage visitors to hang around and meet and listen to new authors in the line-up. You never know what you might see, or what might inspire the next JK Rowling!

We also like children to get involved in the creative side of books. Alongside workshops and events, the festival is also venturing out into schools and running workshops with hundreds of children. This year we’re creating a Monster Book, which will be available on the day of the festival.

This is the festival’s second year, and all of the excellent, talented writers and illustrators are giving their time for free. So make sure you come along and meet them all!"

A number of DFC contributors will be at the festival, including the Etherington brothers, Gary Northfield and Sarah McIntyre, and there is a great mix of fun workshops and book events - something for everyone! Hope to see you there.

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  1. Hey Garen! Great plug for the show! Looking forward to it!!!



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