Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dreams are the Genus...

A quick plug for this dark'n'scary new book masterminded by artist/photographer Tigz Rice. Along with my renditions of Cinderella, Jabberwocky and Little Red Riding Hood...

... is a whole heap of mesmerising imagery extracted from the minds of six superb artists, accompanied with prose by writer Helen Calcutt. Please check my blog for further details, previews and ordering info. Thanks!


  1. Nelson, that looks absolutely amazing, you're showing us all how it's done, man! Great, great work, hope this book does really well for you and the other contributers!



  2. Whoa. Little Red Riding Hood looks like she should be packing some pepper spray.

  3. Ohmigod this looks incredible! I've just ordered my copy. Hope you get the required level of pre-orders soon coz I want it NOW :)

  4. Dave you're a star! Plenty more promotion still to do, so we're hoping to hit the (modest) pre-order level before too long :)

  5. Just spotted this and Wow!!!

    Beautiful artwork Nelson - seriously impressed!


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