Friday, October 15, 2010

Dragon Heir:Reborn Graphic Novel!

Hey guys! I know I'm so rarely about, you've probably forgotten who I am *sniff sniff* Things are pretty manic right now, but in a good way ^_^
So - I see that more beautiful DFC Library books are making their first steps out into the world, with Monkey Nuts celebrating its launch just recently, Verne & Lettuce's party coming up, and MoBot with a new shiny website. I'm so thrilled for you all and, even if I can't make the gatherings I want to, know that I'll be thinking of the glossy prints from here at my drawing board! I miss seeing my DFC buddies, but hope to catch some of you at the MCM Expo soon!

So - some news from me is that my personal project, Dragon Heir, has now been released in new, shiny, graphic novel format and is available to buy on Amazon! Ignore the out of stock message - they lie! Click the purdy eyes above to head to the amazon page and grab one of these babies for yourself. I'm stupidly excited about them. *strokes the spine* :)
Love and rainbows, all! MWAH!



  1. Great news, Emma. (But those dumb Amazon guys, what are they playing at?! Doh.) Hope you sell zillions of copies - with Christmas coming up, what a perfect gift.

  2. Hey Girl! This looks AWESOME! Absolutely LOVE the cover treatment and the general look of the book, such a nice re-presenting of your already awesome work. I'm with Dave, I hope this baby sells by the bucketload for you! Look forward to seeing you at the MCM!!


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