Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DFC gang in the Valley of the Ninjas

The DFC gang rocked MCM Expo and its 46,400 costumed guests this weekend. Bob Etherington had to hold Vern the Sheep and a bedecked Mo-Bot at arms' length so they didn't rip each other to shreds before the battle even started. The fight was short but intense, showering the crowd with tufts of wool and smoking titanium alloy.

Lorenzo and Bob Etherington (...Lorenzo, what did Bob just do there?)

Catch glimpse of Little Cutie's Gary Northfield peeking out from his table:

Word also came in of further sightings of John Aggs (John Blake, Robot Girl, The Boss) and Tony Lee (The Prince of Baghdad). Here's Expo organiser Emma Vieceli, creator of Violet at the Sweatdrop Studios table:

And Sarah McIntyre cosplaying as Neill Cameron...

...because who wouldn't want to be mistaken for the guy who created a book this incredible?! Whoo hoo!

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And the Etherington Brother's report here!
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