Friday, November 5, 2010

The Super Comics Adventure Squad Daily!

Hey guys, I've just set up a new twitterpaper thing for Team SCAS! Basically it is a kind of virtual daily newspaper, made up out of all the links, blog posts, and updates posted on twitter by everyone on my SuperComicsAdventureSquad twitter list. That list had everyone I could think of who contributed to the DFC and is on Twitter on it, but let me know if I missed anyone out and I'll put you on there asap!

It updates itself every day with what we've all been up to. Isn't that clever? Why not go have a look!

Any suggestions, comments etc, let me know.


  1. That's awesome matey! Top work!!!!


  2. what a strange and wonderful thing :-)
    Does it automatically pull in posts from this site? or is just a twitter thing. Would be nice if did it so that you could automatically pull in other feeds. That would make an awesome page ta start ya morning with.

  3. I dont understand how it chooses which articles its going to feature. Hows that work then? what do I need to do to have my articles show up?

  4. Here's the FAQ - it looks as though it chooses tweets with relevant links (from the SCAS list, it's not articles from this blog). So to get included (which is an automatic process) write tweets that link to interesting comics things, I guess!

  5. When I say "here's the FAQ, I mean here's the FAQ!


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