Friday, December 17, 2010

Appy families

Last week, Roz and I ventured off over rime-caked roads and fog-blurred distances into Britain’s deep West Country, blanketed then in the icy breath of Fenris the winter-spirit, to spend a few days at a couple of magnificent old manors leased to us by the Landmark Trust. The whiteout pressed right up to the stone-mullioned leaded panes, but inside we were snug as long as there was another bag of logs to toss on the fire.
Our first sojourn was under the shoulder of Dartmoor at Wortham Manor and the second (not quite so remote in the normal course of things) was Gurney Manor near Nether Stowey – whose most famous resident, Mr S T Cumberbatch, was briefly in Elliott’s Light Dragoons and whose career therein inspired the scene in Mirabilis where Jack Ember gets promoted to lieutenant. Oh, but I digress…
One evening, braving the arctic weather, Leo and his family drove over to see us and we all sat down for a massive feast overlooked by 18th century portraits. It was a little bit of a celebratory dinner, in fact, as a few days earlier we finally submitted the Mirabilis comic reader app to Apple for approval. And now that Steve Jobs has given us the nod, and Mirabilis is bumping its way up the App Store book chart, here are a few pictures of Clan Hartas giving it a test-drive.

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  1. That's a nice looking retreat! Ipads for all!



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