Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mirabilis hits No.17 in the Top Free Book iPad charts in just 24hrs!

Yesterday our iPad app, Mirabilis, finally made it into the light onto iTunes. It's a free app developed by Simon Cook that contains a super smooth reader and store front. You get the first 25 page issue free with the next 7 issues, totalling a whopping 200 pages, available to buy from within the app.

Mirabilis, with it's beautiful, rich colours by Nikos Koutsis, looks fantastic on iPad. Was Mirabilis made for iPad, or iPad for Mirabilis? Neither, but it's marriage made in heaven! We are really thrilled and excited to get our work out there and being downloaded so quickly. I know, you may say "free", is the way to get the numbers up, but I just looked and we are 117 in the Top Grossing iPad Books chart, so the paid for issues must be selling! We're doing this all ourselves, Dave, Nikos and me. Please help us by spreading the word! 

On iTunes
Mirabilis website


  1. That's brilliant! Congratulations!

  2. excellent. Well done guys :-)

  3. Awesome work guys! I'm sure it won't be long before it's number 1!! Wicked!


  4. Thanks for your comments! I just saw it has been selected for the front page of iPad Book Apps, "New and Noteable"!

  5. Even better, it got to #13 yesterday. That's 17 positions higher than The Walking Dead and just a few positions behind the DC Comics reader :D


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