Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dandy Daaaaaaay!

Yes yes! This week's Dandy comes out today and BOY! What a monster! A whopping 44 pages of comic goodness, including epsiode 2 of YORE! Whoop!

Add to that no less than SIX pages of Jamies Smart's glorious comic goodness, along with strips by Nik Holmes, Andy Fanton, Wilbur Dawbarn, Lew Stringer  and Nigel Parkinson, and you have yourself a serious bundle of goodness! To celebrate the launch of the new issue, here's some previews of environments and character concepts for episode 13 of YORE! Enjoy!


  1. loved *yore* again this week!
    great issue, as you say -- only slight problem i had with it is that they messed up my *mr meecher* strip -- see here for how the penultimate panel SHOULD've looked:

  2. Cheers pal, so kind of you! Really enjoyed Mr Meecher this week, yeah, that second to last panel did have me scratching my head! God knows what happened there, good to see the original in all it's glory on the the blog though! It's also a shame they didn't use your header illo! Oh, and I flippin' LOVED the pirate episode last week!!

    Can't wait to read more!

  3. the kindness is all yours, fella! thanks :D
    3 more meechers to go.


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