Tuesday, February 15, 2011


FINALLY! managed to get to a point where project Horizon can go to pre-order. What does that mean? well, the characters are designed, the book is (for the most part) written and we have a publishing plan. The pre-order campaign is a chance for interested groups and individuals to join in on the development of the project. Over at INDIEGOGO we have a number of amazing incentives for people to choose from. A simple sign up, a pre-order of the graphic novel, a 2'x3' original canvas of our main character, and many more. Lots of goodies.
Take a look at INDIEGOGO and express your interest, or not, up to you. Let me know your thoughts though.


  1. This is a very interesting way to raise funds for a project! Looks like you have a very solid plan in place for the book, I'm going to be buzzed to see how this all develops. Trailer is really nice and the snippets of artwork are looking very cool, nice and moody! Great work, man, and good luck!

  2. My credit card is taking a battering this week, what with Baggage and now Horizon too! After viewing that sensational trailer I'm in my seat with my popcorn and waiting eagerly for the lights to go down - hope it won't take too long to get this out into the world.


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