Thursday, March 3, 2011

Digital take-off

I know there was some other big news this week... wasn't there? ;) but didn't want to miss out on telling everybody about us launching on Got an iPhone? Or an iPad? Or an Android mobile? Want to sample the cool streamlined viewing of Adobe AIR for PC/Mac? Or even just plain ol' web? There's an app to fit your device of choice, and Mirabilis #1 and #2 are hanging ripe 'n' luscious on those digital branches just waiting to be picked right now for free, with six more issues coming up on and Comics+ too over the next six weeks.

What I really like about digital comics is that it's like coming down off the stage and mingling with the audience. Traditional publishing is thud, there's your comic, and unless you really want to plunge in to a life of fandom, the stream of community tends to pass you by. But digital platforms like and Comics+ are really making comics collecting and reading into an easy participatory experience. Nothing very new in this (it's what Stan Lee did with Marvel, ably imitated in this country by Alf & Cos and later, of course, the Mighty Tharg) but digital comics make it so sweet. More on this here.


  1. Nice. looks very interesting and I like the social networking side of it, but... I just cant get comfortable with comics onscreen. :-/

  2. Before the iPad, Andrew, I was saying the same thing. Even now I don't see digital comics replacing print. If anything they can broaden the appeal of print comics by breaking them out of hobby stores, and they encourage more try-before-you-buy because it's so easy to set an e-comic to free for just a trial period, or allow a free look inside - which I hate doing in my local comic shop 'cause it means opening the mylar bags, and then I have to be careful not to rip the covers with the sellotape. Oh, it's fraught :)

    E-comics will eventually pretty much replace the periodical comic, I think, but the collected TPB or hardcover edition will always be the end goal for the true fans.

  3. Dave, I think you're really leading the charge on this forum for all of us, it's great to see you opening up the format and making these titles available in so many ways. I'm very excited to see how it goes for you guys!!

    Keep rocking, and keep updating!!


  4. Thanks, Lorenzo. I'm sure it's a medium we're all going to be embracing as individual creators. And The Phoenix also will surely have a digital presence as well as a print version. It's the inevitable future - but it's fun too!


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