Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Phoenix

There are already a few news items and rumours circulating, but for a couple of blog posts from comic creators who were actually at last night's DFC/Phoenix gathering have a little look at these pieces by David Morris and Andrew Wildman.

Another thing to add, from editor Ben Sharpe, is that The Phoenix is independent of both Random House and David Fickling Books. More to come ...


  1. So it's definitely *the* Phoenix? That was one thing I came away not sure about. With or without, I think it's a great title.

  2. I'm going by the fact that's how Ben tagged it on Twitter this morning - so I think so!

  3. Very cool news, very cool indeed.

  4. Excellent news indeed! Can't wait to find out more about this fiery beast...

  5. Well, I'm excited but also all a bit of a sudden, pleasant surprise! Pity I couldn't get off work to get to the party. Wish I'd skived off now!


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