Monday, July 6, 2009


Would you like to see the boy with the world's fixingest fingers... giant size?
He's currently featuring in an exhibition of comic art at THE ATOMIUM in Brussels, possibly the most super appropriate setting for Donny you are ever likely to visit. The Atomium was built in 1954 for the World's Fair and it's a representation of an iron atom, enlarged a million times!

The exhibition is called ATOM STYLE and it features all of the most interesting clear-line, Hergé-inspired comic artists in European comics - including some guy named Woodrow Phoenix!

On the ground floor you will see a super scientific diagram showing how our artistic molecules all fit together. Carefully researched, measured, designed and colour-coded for maximum accuracy of course!

Here I am with Rian Hughes, just soaking up some of that Atom style ambiance. The Atomium is one of my favorite places in the world so I was completely blissed out to be included in this show, among lots of other artists whom I really admire. Rian and I felt like it was the best Christmas ever!

After a dramatic ride up a few escalators taking you into the hollow insides of these giant steel spheres you arrive at the heart of the exhibition: great big TV screens showing a continually changing display of drawings from all the artists. There's a lot to look at. You could be in there for hours.
(Click for a closer look. Centre, left to right: Serge Clerc, Woodrow Phoenix, Rian Hughes and Paul Gravett)

It's really two exhibitions happening at the same time. "Atomium 58: 14 visions" and "In search of the "Atom Style".
Read more about it at Paul Gravett's site. He curated the exhibition, drawing on the titanic store of information packed into his brain about the world of comics.

If you fancy a look at an incredible line of cartoonists, starting with André Franquin and Yves Chaland, via Jijé, Tillieux, Will, Jidéhem, Joost Swarte, Ever Meulen, Serge Clerc, Daniel Torres Mariscal, Avril and lots of others - then why not hop on a Eurostar to Brussels for a daytrip?

Donny's waiting for you!


  1. Wow! Wouldn't you just love to live in it? And absolutely the perfect setting for Donny. Great stuff, Woodrow.


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