Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Leopard of Lime Street

As Garen points out, it's been quiet here, so here's a pic for a dream project. This would be how I'd revamp classic comic strip 'The Leopard of Lime St'. Set on a council estate and giving it a parkour feel rather than a radioactive leopard.


  1. As I've said elsewehere: just absolutely fanstastic. Hey Paul, I'm in the middle of reading 'Nelson' - loved your section. Between that and this, consider me signed up for and and all comics you may wish to produce featuring child characters and urban environments.

    Seriously, I think you're onto something with The Adventures of Estate Parkour Kid...

  2. Cheers, Neill, HUGELY appreciated! Contributing to Nelson makes me so proud I could burst, and it's brilliant that people seem to really get what I was aiming for with my chapter.
    The few things I've got bubbling away don't feature kid's in urban environments I'm afraid..... but. I do have a short strip I hope to do for something that is exactly that. And I'm thinking of doing a 5 page Leopard story and just changing the name - I though doing the pin up would get him out of my system, it's just made my need to draw him stronger!

  3. Do it! If taking an existing hero and changing the costume / name a little slightly is good enough for Alan Moore, I don't see why you shouldn't!

  4. Absolutely LOVE that limited palette pal! Fine, fine work!


  5. Thanks, Lorenzo, always nice to hear!


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